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Stuart Morton has been in love and deeply involved with Porsche cars for over 40 years, specializing in the 911 model, on which his work is primarily focused.  

Starting in the U.K. where he was born, and in the U.S. since 1985, Stuart is widely respected for his vast knowledge and understated approach. He has been hired and flown all over the U.S. and Europe to work on various Porsche cars owned by folks who share his appreciation for the automobile that has such an extensive legacy of excellence.

Morton Competition is based in Andover, VT, where he performs meticulous servicing on Porsches, from full race prep to total restoration work.  Stuart’s loyal customers, many of whom have been entrusting their many cars to his care since 1985, and who have flown him all over the US to work on them, are a testament to his workmanship and incredible knowledge of the car.

Word is spreading that Andover, Vermont is the home of one of the most renowned Porsche experts in the field, servicing Porsche owners’ needs, not only in Vermont but to all the surrounding areas such as New Hampshire, upstate New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Canada.

Stuart (second from left) in Istanbul It was in 1993 we had just tested this Turbo on a new Highway that wasn’t open to the public! Front window almost popped out at over 160 Mph!


Air Cooled 930 Turbos
Air and Water Cooled 911’s
Boxsters and 718’s
Engine Rebuilding and Upgrades
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Competition Tuning
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